Welkom bij Apeirom

We are 2 Dutch brothers Hendrik and Marco Knobbout and noticed that there where too many manufactured recycled materials frames sunglasses with non optical lenses that even can damage your eyes in shops everywhere we visit.

We where already active in sunglasses by purchasing sunglasses in China and distribute them in Europe. We also could not accept the quality we bought from several cheap factories they did not care the quality for frames and lenses. In other words they did not care your eyes. But we do!

This resulted in opening our own factory Xiamen ASA in 2007 in Xiamen China to manufacture optical non recycled pure material optical frames with the best lenses to guarantee optical protection for your eyes.

Our philosophy with manufacturing optical sunglasses has become real.

This created our idea in 2014 to create and manufacture our own licensed brand in China with the official registrations needed. It took us 3 year to pass the logo registrations and paperwork in China.

In 2017 our own optical sunglasses brand Apeirom was an official fact.

The name Apeirom is based on the greek and means , infinite, unlimited, this is what we want to create for you.

An infinite and unlimited choice of optical sunglasses design which guarantee you frames and lenses with the best materials, TR-90, Anti allergic nickel-copper frames. TAC 1.1mm or PC polarized lenses. Revo, Anti reflection and hydrophobic coatings.
Our philosophy is, your eyes deserve the best.

Space-Optics.com is our official dealer and is fully licensed by www.a-s-a.cn in the Netherlands and distribute Apeirom sunglasses true their sales channels, enjoy the optical quality from our brand Apeirom sunglasses.